Labour of Love

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You can change scenes ordering, icons, colors, texts. Everything is customizable.

Icons? Many of them!

All icons are animated and ready to use. Just drag and drop or replace any icon in any scene!

Complete Character Control Panel

You can choose between various elements and accessories to customize your character.

The Scenes

Labour of Love was built using only native After Effects tools. The user is the main focus on this project. So everything was planned to be useful and easy to customize.

Scene Idea

Scene Thinking

Scene Mountains

Scene Photos

Scene Computer Cloud

Scene Time Running

Scene Coffee

Scene Search

Scene City Escape

Scene Camping

Scene Map

Scene Space

Scene Factory

Scene Store

Scene Team

Scene Calendar

Scene Investment

Scene Lantern

SceneTable Lamp

Scene Couple

Scene Draw

Scene Hourglass

Scene Boat

Scene Social

Scene Desert

Scene Earth

Scene Your Logo

Scene Paper Airplane

Modular Structure

You can change the order, add or remove any scene.

12 Textures

You can choose one of 12 textures for use in your background. Or add your own image.